Top Reasons to Use a Courier Service For Local Deliveries

#1 Customized Delivery

Unlike the traditional posting method, courier services offer a number of helpful ways to deliver your post from one place to another. This can include door to door, delivering sensitive items or even repeat deliveries.

#2 Affordable

Courier services offer fantastically low rates and could save you or your business a substantial  amount of money, particularly if your delivery is heavy. Why the post office will charge extra for the weight, courier services only charge by distance.

#3 Same Day Delivery

Unlike the post office, courier services can take your order, pick up your shipment and deliver it on the same day, allowing you to resolve any last minute emergencies you may have. In saying that, the destination MUST be reachable within the same day, as couriers only operate as a ground service.

#4 Can be found anywhere in the world

Professional courier companies can be found pretty much anywhere, from bustling, metropolis cities to small, out of the way towns. As a result, you can utilize the great services offered wherever you are in the world and can quickly find or get in contact with a professional courier service near you.

#5 Gets rid of needless fleets

Businesses no longer need to maintain large, expensive and unnecessary fleets with a courier service. By outsourcing deliveries to a courier service, they only need to pay when they need something delivered and can increase or decrease the frequency of use based on the size of incoming orders and the time of year. As a result, businesses become far more cost effective and efficient, without sacrificing on reliability or quality.

#6 Availability

Courier Services are able to deliver packages and shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which includes evenings, weekends and public holidays. As a result, this allows you to send important parcels when other shipping companies are simply not available.

#7 Important Documents

 Important documents like contracts often need to be delivered quickly and under a watchful eye. Standard shipping providers are known for being slow and careless from time to time. A courier service can deliver contracts in a matter of hours, which accelerates business processes on your end.

#8 Specialization

Most courier services offer unique areas of specialization. These often include same-day delivery, medical delivery, parts delivery, and legal courier delivery. Standard shipping providers usually don't offer these services.

#9 Dependability

While major shipping services have a large number of resources, they usually lack customer service and dependability. That is not the case with smaller courier services with whom companies develop personal business relationships. This increased level of trust provides peace of mind and a sense of reliability.

#10 Peace of Mind

Being able to rely on a delivery service to get your package to its destination on-time and impress your customers or prospects is a necessity. Once you’ve sent your goods you need to be able to focus on running your business, not worrying about if the goods will arrive in time. Peace of mind comes guaranteed with a same day courier and you needn’t worry about goods getting lost or damaged, or if they’ll be delivered on time.

By using a fully insured and legal service you know your goods are in safe hands.