2 ways To Ship Locally With Online Courier Delivery

When looking for a way to streamline your local deliveries, you need a courier service that gives you the flexibility to work around your schedule. In most cases, you don't want to wait around all day to get a package picked up and you might not want to pay outrageous rates for moving simple items around town.

On demand postman gives you 3 options to best fit your needs. You can choose any of these options based on your unique company or individual situation. Expect to worry less and concentrate on utilizing your time and money well.   

To understand the benefits of on demand postman, you can see how these options can effectively help you below:

1. One-Time Flat Rate Courier Delivery Service

Booking is fast and easy within 2 minutes you can complete your order online and on any mobile device;

  • You choose your location city
  • Select a flat rate based on miles
  • Fill out order form with pick up time
  • Receive confirmation email

2. Weekly Courier Plan (one-time deliveries)

Courier plans are helpful for those who wish to save more money on one-time deliveries as well as scheduled deliveries. All deliveries are based on the plans you purchase and up to the miles available withing the plan. When getting a plan you will choose if you want an account or not, this will notify use on what type of courier plan you need.

One-time deliveries are based on a single delivery a day, but more deliveries within 7 days before plan expires.

Scheduled weekly deliveries are based on having a shipping account, where you can schedule more than one delivery a day, manage your deliveries, dispatch orders to available postmen and upload addresses for easy shipping.

 Lets start with one-time deliveries; This is what you get with a one-time delivery option. You also have the option to switch to a schedule account plan if you unique situation changes.

  • You purchase a courier plan
  • Get confirmation on courier plan purchase
  • Receive booking secured pin and link
  • Book your delivery anytime 


 Now, you can learn about scheduled deliveries.

  • You purchase a courier plan
  • Get confirmation on courier plan purchase
  • Receive sign in user name and password
  • Log in to your account(change User and password if you like)
  • Upload shipping addresses 
  • Start scheduling you daily recurring deliveries based on your plan