How Not Knowing Same Day Delivery Makes You A Rookie

When you love shopping locally, it's easy to think that you have to wait 3 days to get your items delivered to you. Now, you can easily get your stuff delivered same day with no difference of cost, same as 2 - 3 days delivery from your local stores or online. 

How can you make this happen? Here is how it works. 


1. Buy by phone from your favorite local store. Book your courier service from any store to your home with instructions. On demand postman will pick up your items and deliver to you same day.

2. Buying items online? You can buy online from local stores like, best buy, toys r us and many others. Reserve items for pick up at a local store.

On demand postman picks up and delivers items to your location within hours same day.  

Most deliveries can be completed within 2 hours or less.