10 Ways To Use A Same Day Courier Service

After you’ve decided that your products or documents cannot wait for traditional USPS delivery times, choosing and deciding on a courier service that will meet your demands does not have to be difficult or complicated. Here are 10 ways you can use and decide upon same day courier service. 

  1. Choose a local and experienced courier that understands the pace of the local area, routes to choose when traffic is heavy, and can quickly respond to the demands of you and your clients. Regardless of what you need transported, your same day courier should be able to deliver on time and with the same professionalism every time.
  2. Choose a courier that offers options with regards to their vehicle sizes because if you need pickup and delivery of paperwork, you should not have to pay the same rate as a local construction contractor who needs a larger vehicle that will require more gas and space. We are sensitive to your specific needs and make available many vehicle sizes for your convenience.
  3. Choose a service that gives you real-time updates in the way you choose. Whether you are at your office and can access the real-time tracking, or need a text message because you’re in a meeting, you should be able to know the status of your delivery in the way that best suits your needs. We can even give you a courtesy phone call if that is your preferred method.
  4. Mobile website easily accessible and operable. You may want to check your order, your vehicle, or other options you scheduled on-the-go, and that is why your courier should offer a simple, easy-to-navigate mobile website so you can easily find your orders, or make any changes necessary.
  5. Access to live customer service for your convenience. If you feel more comfortable with processing your changes with a live person who can repeat back your order instructions or make changes that you cannot, choose a courier that puts an emphasizes on live customer service. Sometimes, it is best to speak to a real person to solve a real issue.
  6. You should use an on-demand courier service so that whether you are up at 3am booking your deliveries for the next week, or something comes up at noon time, you have access to the same service and the same options. Whether you want to book online or call a customer service professional, someone is available to help you.
  7. Booking your courier should be simple and not time-consuming. Our three-step process of selecting a courier, booking and dispatching, and finally pickup and delivery allows you to get back to other important duties without unnecessarily complicating your courier service needs.
  8. Live Tracking allows you to see where your delivery is once it’s on the road. If you need to ensure a client that their package is on the way, you can tell them exactly where it is and be assured that you are not paying for time and distances you are not using.
  9. Choose a plan based on how much service you need instead of individual booking prices. We enjoy developing long-term relationships with our clients and offer plans and packages to make the booking process even shorter than three-steps for our regular clients. Choose a plan that meets your business demands and have one less thing to worry about.
  10. Our courier service is available in many cities across the United States, giving you even a broader area to send and receive deliveries for your organization. Speak with a customer service agent today to find out how we can schedule your out-of-town deliveries.