UberOnTime is a well organized On-Demand Direct Delivery Platform Company. Our mission is to create jobs within local communities & help businesses grow their delivery channels same day on demand to customers.

Our Delivery system 

Our delivery technology system and superstar customer service team will help you daily to ship locally, send or receive anything, anywhere, anytime within your local city on-demand. We help grow local businesses through direct deliveries to customers and listings in our directories. Today, we are open to anyone who wants to send or receive anything directly same day locally.

This is simple, we are addicted to making life simpler!

Founder & CEO

Divine Tumenta  Profile: LinkedIn

A young entrepreneur and innovator of the way markets work today. Going to college and working on side projects gave Divine the inspiration to always stay motivated. After creating 2 companies in 4 years and understanding the problems local businesses face, he decided to find a solution to help make same day local deliveries much easier and accessible. Divine spends his leisure time traveling and making sure the world is better through technology and one on one communication. He believes anyone can achieve anything against all odds, if you believe in yourself, have a vision, and work hard to sustain the outcome.